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5 up-and-coming neighborhoods

Updated: May 31, 2021

  1. INDEPENDENCE HEIGHTS Independence Heights is located outside the bustling city center of Houston and toward the suburbs. Positioned northwest of downtown and bordered by Interstate 45 on the east and Interstate 610 to its south, Independence Heights has grown as a result of its prime positioning. Connected to all areas of the city, Independence Heights has seen a recent influx of new residents looking for life outside the city, and the average home list price is $114,999. Independence Heights has traditionally been home to modest homes and a blue collar to middle class population. However, prices in the area have stayed low even as neighboring suburbs have seen the price of homes explode. This has driven home owners looking for friendlier prices into Independence Heights. The attractiveness of its magnet schools and art studios has also made the area appealing to those looking to raise their children surrounded by creative and innovative school systems.

  2. When people shop for real estate in Houston, Lindale Park is a commonly overlooked suburb. Located at the juncture of Interstate 610 and Interstate 45, Lindale Park is located just minutes north of downtown Houston. Its close access to the heart of the city makes it an attractive location and its small size and emphasis on well planned suburban living has made it one of the most attractive areas of northern Houston. Housing is typically affordable to middle and upper wage earners. Lindale avoids the apartment towers, lofts and condos that have crowded other parts of the city in favor of well-planned neighborhoods filled with friendly homes and bungalows. The average list price is $424,900.

  3. Westview Terrace, like many of the suburbs that have developed outside of Loop 610, is a bit further away from downtown Houston but still located conveniently along one of its most heavily trafficked highways. Bordered on its south by Interstate 10, the area of Westview Terrace is well connected to popular areas on the Houston fringes, such as the shopping area of City Centre Plaza. Like many other parts of the city, Westview is appealing precisely because it welcomes individuals from a variety of economic brackets. Standalone homes make up the neighborhoods, but it isn’t uncommon to find apartment complexes and lofts mixed in as well. Its proximity to the Spring Independent School District has also made this a popular spot for families moving into the area. Homes are typically listed at $355,000.

  4. The Third Ward is one of the six historic districts of Houston that date back to the city’s founding. Located in the southeast portion of Houston, the Third Ward has famously been known as one of the most vibrant and diverse black neighborhoods throughout the city. Its fame has risen for a number of reasons. In pop culture, it is widely known as the place where the music artist Beyoncé was raised. It is also known as the home of Sugar Hill Recording Studios, which was the recording studio of such classic pop musicians as the Big Bopper. The studio is also the oldest operating music studio in the southeast United States.

  5. The First Ward of Houston is one of the oldest districts in the city and is also included among the six districts that were established at the city’s founding. It originally formed the core of Houston’s business district. For a period of time, the area seemed intent to push out residents. Housing gave way to office buildings and stores as it continue to act as the core of the city’s business district. By 2006, the last houses in the area was bulldozed in favor of more commercial property. However, economic prosperity has brought new demand for homes in the area, and construction of lofts and apartment towers has brought new residents flocking into the area once again. What few of the old buildings are left have been put to innovative use, such as the conversion of the old industrial buildings into art studios that have given the area an increasing reputation as an art district. Homes usually remain listed at around $360,000.

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